STart your Colorectral Cancer screening NOW

Consult a doctor

  • Download iVisit App and Register
  • Tap Talk to a doctor 
  • Select Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Answer a few health questions
  • A doctor will call you to discuss your colorectal screening options 





Receive a test kit

  • Your doctor  determines the best screening method based on your health history.
  • Options include at home testing or a colonoscopy
  • If prescribed at home test, you will receive the test kit via FedEx
  • After you perform the test, you ship the kit back in the provided return box.
  • If a colonoscopy is recommended, you will need to schedule a visit with a local clinic.

Discuss results with a provider

  • If you performed the at home test, After approximately 2 weeks the test result is sent to your doctor
  • Your doctor will call you to discuss the test results.
  • If you have a colonscopy, the physician performing the procedure will discuss the results with you once the procedure is completed. 




You pay for a telemedicine visit to GenieMD Medical Group. If you are prescribed an at home test, the test kit provider will charge you or your insurance company. GenieMD and GenieMD Medical Group do not receive any payments from the test kit provider. Our providers do not have any financial incentives to prescribe an at home test and their payment is no different regardless of their decision. Our providers base their decisions entirely on latest clinical guidelines.

Scan the QR Code to download GenieMD iVisit App or click on Start Your Colorectal Cancer Screening button.

Download the iVisit App from Apple iTunes or Google Play. Register, tap Talk to a Doctor Now and select Colorectal Cacner Screening, answer a few health questions and get a call back from one of our providers.


We are delighted to announce that after a thorough and rigorous process, Legitscript has determined that we meet their standard for legality, safety and transparency.