GenieMD Announces Integration with Apple Health


San Francisco – March 5, 2019 – GenieMD, a market leader in offering Telemedicine solutions globally, today announced the availability of Apple Health Integrtion.

GenieMD iVisit Telemedicine Application, has made accessing your health records even easier by integrating with Apple Health.

By downloading patient medical records from desperate sources and combining with patient generated data from wearables such as blood pressure devices, glucometers, SPO2 and scales, the patient, family and professional caregivers and providers will have a holistic view of patient’s health data.

During a tele consult, the patient can choose to share certain medical records pertinent to the encounter with his/her provider to help with better diagnosis and treatment.

Many Americans have adverse reactions to medications due to incorrect prescribed drugs, drug interactions or allergy to a specific drug. This alone cost the health system over $280 billion dollars a year. By providing physicians accurate and reliable information about existing patient medications, allergies, conditions and vitals, physicians can provide a more accurate assessment of patient’s current chief complaint and best and safest treatment options.

About GenieMD

GenieMD is a global provider of Telemedicine solutions.

Our platform includes evidence-based algorithmic guidelines and secure video conferencing to enable efficient doctor- patient communication, built-in secure text messaging, payment processing, ePrescription and chronic care management. Our solutions take advantage of the latest cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and mobile technologies.

We believe Telemedicine has the potential to democratize health care globally.

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