Care Team

Care Teams allow family and professional caregivers to better manage and coordinate the care of an individual.

Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records is used to keep track of your medication, allergies, conditions, family history, vitals and exercise.

Report Your Symptoms

Patients can report their symptoms to their trusted Provider.


By using the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson and our trustworthy medical content, we provide answers to our users common health questions.

Medication Adherance

We provide reminders to take and refill medications. We warn for drug interactions and provide our users with a drug discount card.

Vitals Tracking using Smart Devices

Easily track blood pressure, heart rate, exercise, blood glucose and many more vitals using smart devices or by inputting the data manually.

Educational Material

GenieMD provides trustworthy and licensed content from UpToDate. The user can search or browse trough conditions, procedures, discharge instructions and healthy living.

Find Providers

A directory of over one million physicians, pharmacies and hospitals.


Healthcare Systems

We enable Healthcare Systems to recruit more patients, retain existing patients and increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Employers can use GenieMD to provide to their employees in order to better manage their health and the health of their loved ones, improving their productivity and lowering the cost of their healthcare.


By using our technology, subscribers adhere to their care plan more effectively thus reducing cost of their healthcare.


GenieMD values each of our partnerships


40 Million Americans are family caregivers

Shortage of 125,000 Primary Care Physicians by 2025

35 Million Baby Boomers have at least one chronic disease

Medication non-adherence costs $290 billion per year